just got back from Lewes where they have the most amazing fireworks, processions etc -- luckily it was fine last night!! there are 5 Bonfire Societies in Lewes and we watched just one of them -- Commercial Square -- from an upstairs window of a friend's flat -- pure anarchy all night -- about 5 processions, starting with the children at 5.30pm and ending with aulde lang zine and god save the queen at around 12.30 followed by an impromtu bonfire in the middle of the street (quickly put out by the fire brigade!!) -- the grand procession at 9.30pm lead to the bonfire where effigies of Guy, the Pope and George W Bush astride a cruise missile, were not just burnt, but BLOWN UP!! the loudest bangs I've ever heard!! 4 Bishops on a scaffold with flaming crosses were almost burnt to death with people throwing bangers and fireworks at them... Amazing firework display -- and it wasn't even the best Society, for Cliffe's display you have to buy tickets in advance... For some odd reason, our Society were all dressed as American Indians, smugglers and Dad's Army -- all the little babies were in buggies disguised as canoes.... everyone was throwing big bangers and firecrackers -- too loud to be legal!!! Apparently Cliffe Bonfire Boys roll tar barrels down the street!! Some photos here.

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