Just been to see 9 Songs at the Dukes on a sunny Thursday afternoon. By heck, is this what young people get up to after a gig? I rather liked it (he says in Tom Paulin voice) - not at all boring as all the sophisto crits have been bangin on about. Nice cameos by Elbow (Bury band) and Michael Nyman.


Nick said...

Picked up a hardback copy of Nick Hornby's 31 Songs for less than 2 quid in the current HMV sale.

Nick's book was out first!

fredblog said...

Sounds like much better value - is there a CD with it? I saw the hardback remaindered in Soho Books opp Farringdon station, shoulda bought it!

Nick said...

Yes, 22 more songs for your money.

No freebie CD with the book (I believe there was also a Hornby music CD comp released when the book was published), but I still have the CD copy you made of Nick Hornby reading selected passages on R4's Book at Bedtime.

I particularly like Nick's chapter on Patti Smith's Pissing in a River, because I was at the Union Chapel show he describes.