Seaford museum

Seaford museum, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

What a find! Took a quick detour during last Sunday's Clarion ride and visited Seaford museum. It's my kind of museum - lots and lots of stuff, and not too many boards to read! Bury museum has been refurbished, but where have all the things gone? A few choice items in dainty display cases and loads of video screens and boards full of tiny text. No good at all. Here at Seaford is a real old-fashioned museum, how they ought to be!

Housed in a Martello Tower (No 74) from Napoleonic times, it's a Tardis of a building with a smallish entrance hall and shop, with steps leading up to the roof and gigantic cannon, but downstairs it spreads out for miles, piled high with old radios, cameras, home computers, sewing machines, electric fires and all sorts of domestic detritus. A bit like my gaff, actually. Wonder if they take donations? A re-visit soon is definitely on the cards.

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