Field of dreams

Field of dreams, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

The Field of Dreams - site for the new Brighton and Hove Albion stadium. I'm pretty sure this is the site - between the University of Brighton and the southern half of Falmer village (the bit with the pond), bounded by two roads. Seagulls!


Anonymous said...

Shame that such a idyllic scene is to be despoiled in the name of sport

As an opponent of the scheme I think I've just about accepted the defeat but just let me ever hear a football supporter bemoan the loss of the countryside (any countryside) and I'll string them up by their shoelaces

fredblog said...

I didn't like to comment, as feelings run high, but it's a kick in the teeth to Falmer village, which has already been ruined by having a major road (A27) cut right through it!