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Last night I went to the launch of the Celebrating Age festival in the 20th century design section of Brighton Museum - all those chairs and nowhere to sit! My 'Artistic licence' got me in and there was plenty of free wine, but disappointingly little scoff. I'm still a bit ambivalent about this whole thing. Even tho my painting of 'The Seven Sisters from Seaford Head' is in the Open Houses brochure, the entertainment at the PV included a 'jazz' band playing tea dance music and loads of young girls dressed as Nippies. I'm too young to remember these, but I think they were waitresses at the Lyons Corner Houses. Anyway I thought I'd draw a Zimmer frame for the perplexed, while I ponder on whether it was patronising to the over-50s or not...

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Amanda said...

Hi Fred,

No comments from you for a while, thought I'd pop over and see how you were. Stephen's bought himself a bike and I think he might work up the courage to try and join your biking group. :)

I don't know about patronising but I know I'll be at the viewing of High Society at the DOY - complete with popcorn girls!