Are iPods telepathic?

To see if my iTunes was telepathic, this afternoon I set it on shuffle. Out of 10,828 tunes to choose randomly from, it chose the following artistes:

Elvis Costello
Bob Dylan
Elvis Presley
Neil Innes
Tragic Roundabout
The Only Ones (so far, so good)
Steve Earle and the Del McCour (!!)
The Kinks
Dylan (again!)
The Flaming Lips
Viv Stanshall
Free Up Session - Sharleen Boodram (!!)
Others - Stan Bowles
The Rutles
The Exciters
John Lennon
John Prine with Iris DeMent (nice)
Carly Simon
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Viv Stanshall (Radio Flashes - longest track so far)
The Mull Historical Society
The Pipettes
Boy Blue (Boogie Children)
Bonzos (again - fantastic)
John Shuttleworth (at last!)
The Beatles
Barry White (!!)
Neil Innes (again)
Duncan Lamont
Car 54 where are you
Charlie Rich
The Beatles (again)
British Sea Power
Elvis Costello (again)
Sly and the Family Stone
Gilad Atzmon
Little Lights
Bonzos (yet again)
Lemon Jelly
Andy Williams
Ben Bernie (Violin) & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
Platform Six
The Departure
Kaiser Chiefs
The Miracles
Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch
The Church
The Who
Michael Nyman
Michael Nyman again (the first time two in a row by same artiste happened)
Jimmy Vaughn
The Kinks (again)
The Animals
The Byrds

Conclusion: pleasantly surprising, made good choices, tho no Steely Dan (but there again there are none in my collection) or Bruce Springsteen (only 4), but where were The Smiths/Morrissey and David Devant?


John Nez said...

I tried out one of the iPods I bought for my children... but I didn't like it. I guess it's the relentlessness of it all that got to me after a while. I need to program it to take a break after 2 songs I think.

10,828 tunes are a LOT!

Maybe I need to buy one of those new little mini pods... and load it up with Mozart and Brahms.

fredblog said...

I never saw the point of the shuffle, unless you have a small attention span and buy singles as downloads. I quite like listening to whole albums, in the order the artiste decided to publish them!

BTW I've been running shuffle this morning to see when Morrissey and David Devant would come up (I have a lot of their records): Mozza came in at no 13; DD came in at 16 and 18 (both tracks from Lost Worlds); no sign of the Smiths yet, tho I have already had the Bonzos and the Beatles, plus a few surprises!


fredblog said...

Well, The Smiths arrived at No 22!


John Nez said...

Too many albums! Only 2 ears!

I like Pandora.com... it takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing music.

Clive Andrews said...

Fred - You sound disappointed that your iPod picked no Steely Dan, despite the fact there is none in your collection...

I would love to have heard how surprised you'd be if it did pick some Steely Dan tunes!

Oh, and you say you're not sure of the point of the shuffle, and you like to listen to albums in their correct order; remember that you can switch an iPod shuffle to 'sequential' mode and just listen to them in the order in which you loaded them.