Zoot Money (and John Shuttleworth)

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One of my favourite albums of all time is a 1965 compilation from Decca called R&B which featured John Mayall, Alexis Korner, Graham Bond and Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. Since then Zoot's appeared with GRIMMS and Vivian Stanshall, amongst many others, and is still touring, with the British Blues Quintet, featuring Zoot (keyboards and vocals), Colin Allen (drums), Colin Hodgkinson (bass), Miller Anderson (guitar) and Maggie Bell (vocals). I can't remember ever seeing Zoot live, but on Saturday night I did, in a marquee by Shoreham Beach, part of the Adur Festival. Zoot was in fine voice, and for the first time I noticed a Mose Allison influence. Maggie (ex-Stone the Crows) was belting them out too and soon had the audience of a certain age bopping on the dance floor! Guitarist Miller (from Houston, Scotland!) was in great form - you could almost imagine Clapton in the room! All except the drummer took at turn at vocals. A truly all-star lineup. Harvey's was on offer, but at 3 quid a pint!

Earlier that day I was on the Brighton leg of the World Naked Bike Ride (though not, you'll be glad to hear, naked!). Friday night I was down the Komedia again to see John Shuttleworth in his new show 'With my condiments'. Laser screeder from Goole Dave Tordoff opened, followed by a brief video of his life and ambitions, then John was straight on with lots of new songs: 'Chef from Sheffield' and 'Tummy Trouble' in the first half; 'Heartache and heartburn' and 'Serial cereal eater' in the second. Very catchy and singalong-to. He ended with the relatively recent favourite 'I can't go back to savoury now' (available to see on U-Bend, err YouTube) then did an encore of oldies: 'Eggs and Gammon', 'Y-Reg', and of course 'Pigeons in flight'. Then he came back for a 2nd encore: 'Mary had little lamb (green beans and new potatoes)' and finally a poignant 'Dandelion and Burdock' (we'd already had a very poignant 'From a father to a son'). What with 'Mutiny of the Bounty' (Mars of Slough, you've really done it now), 'Life is like a salad bar' and 'Two margarines', it's remarkable how many of John's songs are food related! A top night out from Sheffield's premier entertainer. Download his latest EP (extra portions) 4 Rather Tasty Tracks for just £1.99 at his website.

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