Save The Old Toll Bridge

Yes folks, it's my annual token Charity bike ride on 22 July! It's not in aid of cancer, nor will it save any Third-World children - it's for an old wooden bridge in Shoreham by Sea! See a description here. And I'm only doing a pathetic 10 miles! Please don't offer more than 50p, but if I do get a few sponsors, I won't feel so foolish handing my form in!

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Nick said...

I've completed the London to Brighton sponsored bike ride a couple of times.

I always looked forward to the London to Oxford sponsored bike ride for the FSLN in Nicaragua during the 1980s. We had a plate of Nicaraguan food and entertainment from Alexei Sayle and Misty In Roots when we arrived at the Oxford Poly finish one year.

The September sponsored bike ride from Clapham Common to Polsden Lacey (in aid of the London Lighthouse) was also a great day out.

Collecting sponsors for these rides was always a bit problematic though. Put me down for a fiver, if you like.