Where has our tree gone?

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One of the delights of living where I do are the trees lining Clyde Road and Ditchling Rise. OK they drop leaves (and conkers) and disrupt the pavements, but as a devout tree-hugger, I worship them. But what happened to a younger tree outside the Duke of York's cinema? Marks around the base seem to imply it was a Council job, but why?

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fredblog said...

Received via our local Green councillor Keith Taylor:

EMAIL from Rob Greenland - Arboriculturist

"The tree, a Plane, was struck, yet again, by a fire Brigade appliance,
this time to a degree where remedial works were not possible. The damaged
tree was therefore felled and awaits mechanical stump grinding of the
remnants at a later date. The trees were not planted by the Arboricultural
Service or CityParks, but were part of a road engineering scheme here and
the tree positions excavated and prepared too close for individual plants
to make the growth pattern expected of the species.

While we have not sought previously to remove any tree at this location,
the site is clearly only large enough for one specimen tree to flourish to
its full potential and provide maximum amenity and therefore it is not an
intention to replace this but to allow the remaining tree to utilise the
additional space provided."