The Politics Show

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Last Tuesday I was phoned by my chum Patricia, who works at Age Concern - she had 24 hours to round up three volunteers to be on telly, riding around on a bus, talking about bus passes. Naturally, being a media tart, I jumped at it. I cycled to Hove Bus Depot and met up with the others, one of which, by complete coincidence, was Clarion Social Secretary Ed Furey! So, along with presenter Max Cotton, bus supremo Roger French and a lady tory councillor, we rode around Brighton filming a piece for Sunday's Politics Show, national section (I was on the local insert a year or two ago talking about Artists' Open Houses)! You can watch it again here for a week - we're on after the eco-houses. Of course, they made us jump through hoops and it all took much longer than expected - and I had to wait until the bitter end so I could get a lift back to my bike. Great fun, tho!

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