Atters' other world

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I don't normally go out on a Monday, but the prospect of some theramin action plus tasteful striptease, all under the direction of Atters - and FREE - was too much to resist. So it was across the border into Hove once more, and the Iron Duke. This is another pub I have so far missed in my 20+ years in the 'city', but with Harvey's (at £2.65 a pint) and Landlord on tap I'll be back! The band was Spacedog, with Sarah Angliss on theramin, musical saw, and one of those blowy plastic piano things that Foz? has, all processed through a Mac. Atters did his hilarious paranormal slideshow (spookily, the sheet screen dematerialised at one point!), then it was Spacedog again, this time with Clara 2.0, the robot doll. They're on at the Sanctuary on Wednesday if you want to catch them. Finally, Atters couldn't contain his excitement when burlesque star Ruby DeMure performed her sensational 'Beneath the Tash of Atters' routine. What more could a chap ask for?

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