More Watercress

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On my second trip to the Watercress Line with Worthing Coaches, it was a full 53-seater so I sat piggy-in-the-middle on the back seat with several entertaining old ladies who told me all about the war. When we arrived, LMS Class 2MT 2-6-2T No. 41312 was in steam, doing some work experience, so I popped off to the working Post Office in Arlesford to post some proofs, thence to the pub for a pint of Fagin. The train coming back from Alton (and the one to take us there and back) was pulled by Spamcan 34007 Wadebridge, and I tested out my new Flip camcorder on it. It proved susceptible to wind noise and camera shake, but see my Vimeo pages for the excellent film quality. The cream tea was very welcome and I got an extra scone from my old ladies, plus a pot of Watercress Line jam to take home (unfortunately no watercress, the 60p bunches I saw in Arlesford looking a little wilted!). Another nice day out!

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