100% free

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I was going to be harsher about this packaging, but have since mellowed. People get very confused about percentages. I've seen cleaning products and shampoo for example advertised as 100% free. That doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it at all - it means you'll get twice as much for your money. Or in the case of these stock cubes, two for the price of one. The thinking goes: you're getting 200% for the price of 100% therefore 100% is free. Or, each pack is half price, so you are getting 50% free. Times that by two packs and you arrive at 100% free. Or more accurately, 100% extra free. Some people don't think you can have more than 100% - you can't for example have more than 100% of a cake - that'd be more than one cake. 'He gave 110%' is a jarring phrase used to describe a footballer or an athlete trying a little bit harder. But if you blow up a photo 200%, it's twice the size of the original (well, four times really, but that's another story)! BTW I was rather hoping that Infinity Foods (where I got this) would have had an offer on the salt-reduced versions of these, but alas no.

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