Brighton works and the Leader class

I heard the other day that a friend (Roundhill Rob) had experienced disappointment that 92220 Evening Star wasn't the last loco to be built at Brighton works (it was built in 1960 at Swindon where it still resides). According to Wikipedia, the last steam loco to be built at Brighton was BR standard class 4 tank 80154 in 1957, which was the 1,211th locomotive to be constructed there. 130 of these workhorses were built at Brighton; many are preserved and still doing sterling service on the heritage railways - though apparently not this one.

Checking this out I stumbled across an experimental loco designed by Oliver Bulleid that I'd never heard of before: the Leader class. This was an 0-6-6-0 articulated loco with a cab each end and the boiler, coal and water supplies all encased in a smooth double-ended body, making it look more like a diesel loco! Five were ordered, but only one was built, in 1947 - CC101 (Southern number), 36001 (BR number) - but it was scrapped once Bulleid had gone, in 1951. Steam was on the way out; the diesels and electrics were coming!

After Bulleid left Brighton works in 1951, he went to Ireland and produced a shorter and lighter model for Córas Iompair Éireann: CIÉ No. CC1, a turf/peat-burning locomotive. The design was modified by Bulleid's assistant John Click to have a single-ended boiler with the cab located at the firebox end, water tanks at either end of the loco and a bunker at the cab end. One of a proposed 50 was built in 1957, but it was withdrawn in 1963 to be replaced by diesel locos. Some photos of the ugly beast can be seen here.

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