Hull and Beverley for Easter, part 2

After the Clarion AGM proper on the Saturday (see Ian's report here), we assembled outside the hotel for a town tour, led by Paul Schofield. We started by almost reaching the North Bar Gate, then turning round and heading for the distant Minster, with several short detours. Beverley is to Hull, like Lewes is to Brighton: ancient, sleepy and a little bit posh!

North Bar Gate, Beverley
The Medieval North Bar Gate, Beverley
Now, I'd assumed that we'd pop into St Mary's church to look at the white rabbit carving said to have inspired Lewis Carroll, but we didn't. And I could have done it independently earlier but decided to read my paper instead. Bad mistake… it was open only for services on Easter Sunday and closed on Monday! There were however some grotesque heads to look at around the various doors.

Head on St Mary's church, Beverley
Anyway, we learnt a lot about the lost pubs of Beverley and were encouraged to look for public art, including the 'trades' series, celebrating the occupations of former times carried on here abouts. See if you can find all the thimbles!

Street art in Beverley
Street art in Beverley
We walked through Saturday Market and Wednesday Market (which was working on Saturday) and finally arrived at the Minster, via the Priory - our guide's favourite building, now a YHA - where we were left to our own devices. I popped into the Minster for a look round and spotted some carvings of musicians. I found out later that one is supposed to pay 3 quid for a photo license. The Minster is impressively gothic and one of the finest examples in the country.

Beverley Minster
Beverley Minster
On the way back I had a very nice pint of Worksop stout in the Chequers Micropub, a pop-up in a 60s shopping square.

The Chequers micropub
Chequers Micropub, Beverley
Back in my 4th floor single room watching tv, there was a knock on my door. It was the manager and she'd had reports of flooding in the room below me. We looked in the bathroom and it was awash… it looked like the lever tap had been dribbling down itself and round the back of the basin. The upshot was that I was upgraded to a double room on the first floor - Room 101! In the evening we had a barn dance and buffet at the hotel.

From the top of Flamborough Head
On Sunday, after the group photo, Sue drove Ian and I to Flamborough Head, where we walked to the very edge, past the lighthouse and the radio station. The problem with being atop the Head is that you can't see it, and I was not about to be doing any leaning over the edge! After a cup of cappuccino at the cafe there, we drove back via Bridlington and Hornsea. That evening, after another trip to Nellie's for an Organic Chocolate Stout, it was the prize giving (the Clarion has lots of fine trophies, but we didn't win any!) and formal dinner with speeches and cross toasting.

Many more photos on Flickr.

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