Edinburgh 2015

Someone worked out that this was my 20th Edinburgh festival: 19 staying with Sam and one before that in the 1970s when I was supposed to be at a conference on VLSI. Anyway, every year I seem to do less, and this was a shorter than usual visit thanks to calling in at the Isle of Man on the way up. Here follows just a list of shows:

Kray mugs at the Mound

Saturday 15 August 2015: kipper for breakfast and bus to Mound for the Bailey's Stardust exhibition. David Bailey was a big influence in the 60s, with his grainy 35mm film and cropped heads (tho I believe Bill Brandt invented that). If you like black and white photos and have seen Blow-up, this is the one for you. Got in half price with my art pass. Spent the rest of the day in the Book Festival and at the Pleasance (where they now have a craft beer bar) celeb spotting, including Harry Venning's Hamlet and Millie the champion flyerer. Pakora wrap from Khushi's at George Square.

Modern Art Gallery, Edinburgh

Sunday 16 August: taxi to the Modern Art Museum 2 (the Dean) - there is no Art Bus this year! - for The Amazing World of M C Escher, a fabulous exhibition (no photography!). He too was a big influence on the 60s, tho looked down upon by the art world. He sought to amaze, rather than create beauty. A heady mixture of draughtsmanship, surrealism and maths. Across the road at 1, there's new work by Roy Lichtenstein and the nicer cafe. Taxi to the Stand for Simon Munnery, 'And nothing But', an unplugged set this year, no projections, no props. Then to La Favorita on Leith Walk for a huge pizza I couldn't finish, and the Playhouse for the annual Waverley Care gala, featuring Marcus Brigstocke, Adam Hills and many others, then a pint of Elvis Juice at Jeremiah's Tap Room.

Pizza at La Favorita, Edinburgh

Monday 17 August: bus to Summerhall and Daniel Kitson's Polyphony, a play for him and 19 iPods with speakers handed out to the audience. A bit like Nina Conti putting words into people's mouths. The iPods were arranged in a circle in the middle of the floor and someone tripped over them! One failed to work once they got going and Dan had to cover for it… meta-theatre at its funniest. One for the Danoraks. Bumped into George Egg and Nikki, then a bit of art at Blair Street hub (bought some nice badges), Fruitmarket and Stills (including a poster by kennardphillipps that turned up at Banksy's Dismaland) - not much art at Summerhall this year. Later on Frankie Boyle, yes him, at the Assembly Rooms. Very offensive in a sort of left-wing way.

3007, Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Tuesday 18 August: Trip to Glasgow to see the Riverside Museum. Train to Partick, soup in museum cafe, big South African loco, coffee in tall ship cafe, ferry to Govan and back, 100 bus back to centre, train back to Haymarket, pint in Thomson's Bar, pint in Bennets Bar, sushi at Harajuku Kitchen.

Tall ship, Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Wednesday: home on train sitting next to woman from Deal.

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