Frankfurt and Meiningen: Part 3

Bad Nauheim - Münzenburg railway

Day 4 Sunday 6 September
A more leisurely 9am start today, retracing our steps north, this time by train to Bad Nauheim (via Friedberg) to ride the heritage line to Müzenburg, pulled by a Henschel 0-4-0. The young guards were well turned out, one with retro glasses, smoking a pipe. They walked through the carriages calling out the station names as we approached them.

  Guards, Bad Nauheim - Münzenburg railway

Then it was back to Frankfurt, on a 46 bus for a trip round Frankfurt and then another short hop to the Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum. I didn't know what to expect, we'd been told this was something to do with the temporary railways they built during the First World War. They certainly had plenty of locos, four of which were in steam. After a wander around, a piece of apple cake and a listen to the hurdy gurdy man, we set off through the allotments and into a big field, the site of the former airport, where a classic car rally was taking place.


We even saw a three-engined Junkers 52 fly over! The engine changed ends twice and we arrived back at the museum for a barbecue of meat and sausages, accompanied by a tub of potato salad and sauerkraut.

Beer plumbing, Feldbahnmuseum

Martin handed out tiddly winks for the drinks (2) and food (2), unfortunately not valid for beer, which we had to pay for! The food token did allow another slice of cake from the two severe looking serving ladies, however.


Then it was bus and U-bahn back to Frankfurt for a couple of beers at  O'Reilly's Oirish pub next door to the hotel - Neil had a welcome veggie burger, I was full up with potato salad!

Frankfurt station

Day 5 Monday 7 September
After breakfast we ambled over to Frankfurt station for the 10.16 ICE to Brussels Midi, only we had to change trains at Düren, at the border! So I managed a window seat only part of the journey (Neil and Angela got off at Cologne, en route to Prague). So, back in Blighty I got the train from St Pancras to Brighton and one to London Road and home.

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