After hearing an item on Melita Dennett's show on Radio Reverb, Saturday morning, I cycled down the front yesterday to see an exhibition at Medina House, a strange half-demolished building next to Marrocco's ice cream cafe that used to be a turkish baths, now squatted. The exhibition was called 'Secret erotic flock box' and comprised female erotic art (oo-er!), 'flock' wallpaper of the Pavilion and little exquisite secret boxes. Also watched our new cycle bobbies at work along Hove Esplanade, visited an exhibition by Red Hen (who?) in the newly restored St Andrew's Church, Waterloo Street, bought some spices at Taj Mahal, spotted an Anal Beard CD next door at that gallery whose name escapes me (Permanent?), shopped at poshy-poo Waitrose and not so poshy-poo Robert Dyas, visited Andrew Mockett's exhibition at Ian Brown's house on Rosehill Terrace and had a glass of something fruity at Judy Martin's pv on Viaduct Road. Had a night in!

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