Went to see a couple of new Rough Theatre plays at the Open House pub on Friday night. First off: it's not far from home and they do a decent pint of Harveys for £2.40. John (fringeguerilla) said get there by 7.30, so I did, but they weren't open. So I went out in the garden by the railway where Jonny the ex-lodger and his chugger friends were drinking. Went up again and was admitted. I was the only member of the audience!! Sat 3 rows back on the groom's side of the aisle -- on my own. Thankfully 5 other people arrived and sat on the bride's side before off. First up was 'Picaresque' by Alan Morrison, a poem for 4 voices a la Under Milk Wood about a dossers' night shelter seen as a pirate ship. A bit hard to follow for me, especially with the throbbing young persons' music downstairs. After an interval, a couple more punters arrived and we got 'Graduates anonymous' by John O'Donoghue -- much more entertaining. It was about a support group for graduates having to live at home with parents. Some very funny lines in it (tho apparently the actors missed a few chunks out!). A new Abigaile's party? Nice chat and another pint with the writers, audience and actors, most of who seemed to be students of journalism at the City College.

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Nick said...

I hope charidee chuggers aren't targeting theatre audiences now!