Ken Campbell was on fine form last night on the tiny stage of The Greys (a stage shared with Country Joe, John Cooper Clarke, the late great Pete McCarthy, Andy Roberts, countless C&W stars, and next Monday, Neil Innes), lugging books out of a huge suitcase, linking Anne of Green Gables with Jackie Chan, the Laughing Jesus people, David Deutsch, The Nation of Damanhur, time travel, parallel multiverses, redemptive vignettes, etc etc. A posse of young men down the front were taking copious notes and Peter Chrisp very kindly gave me his latest objets d'art pertaining to rising male Greek waistlines. I was on the telly on Sunday, on the local insert to BBC1's The Politics Show, interviewed about the value society places on the arts (not as much as it should!). It can be seen here, at least for the next week or so. Look for the link 'click here to view the Politics Show South' and fast forward to about 10.54 mins in!

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