John Shuttleworth was in fine fettle - and fawn - last night at the Garden, err Gardner, Centre in Falmer. There was more chat than songs, and many of the songs were new, to me at least! 'Biscuits and confectionery', 'I can't go back to Savoury!' (my titles) along with 'Shopkeepers in the North', 'Eggs and gammon', a nice animated 'Unaccompanied lady', and of course 'Y reg' and 'Pigeons in flight' for the encore. We also got the trailer (on the website) for 'It's nice up North' widescreen, and a set by Dave Tordoff. Bought the Jilted John CD, but we really need a follow up to 'The Yamaha Years' with all the new songs on! Plenty of artists on the front row - inc. Jon Mills and Andrew Mockett; me and Alan Buck were on the second row, right in the centre. Tip: get your beer at the student bar opposite! No photos cos it was in a theatre venue!

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Nick said...

Have you had a chance to listen to the Jilted John CD? Any good?

I have the Jilted John by Jilted John 45 release on Rabid Records somewhere. I presume this record is now worth vast sums of money.