Michael Munday

Michael Munday, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

Michael Munday has swopped watercolours for plasma screens for his Architecture Week installation 'Exploring the Labyrinth' at Brighton's new Jubilee Library. Went along to his PV last night (must go back and have a proper explore with my reading glasses!) and also found myself at an awards ceremony – for Art Plus 06. Deaf people were well served by subtitles and a signing person – tho the software that produced the live subtitling needed a bit of tweeking, some of the phonetic attempts at people's names were unfortunately hilarious. It was also a bit ironic in that some of the awards were for sound installations! Must muse on this a bit more, a bit controversial, but… when we all know that art is therapeutic by its very nature – like birdwatching, engaging with art can uplift the spirits – and we all want inclusivity, but why oh why, when it comes to public funding, does art always has to relate to disability? Forgot to return my CDs while I was there…

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