Des Buckley's PV

Des Buckley, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

A full week before the Brighton Festival proper starts, Des Buckley had the first PV (private view) of the season at 2 Dorothy Road out in West Hove (err, that's Portslade to the rest of us, where the streets are named after old ladies). If you imagine Artists Open Houses being quiet stuffy affairs with lots of serious goatee twiddling at hushed reverential assemblies, then think again. Entitled 'Trumpets, Roundels and Strumpets', the show has a PG rating (so why was the PV full of rampaging kids)? And as you've probably guessed, there's a strong Mod and scooter theme running throughout the show. Des is joined by fellow artists Tony Ofori, Brian Lowe and Julian Howell, who always seems to be followed round by a bevvy of attractive women. There was live music from The Sweet Nothings in the garden and an accordianist in the kitchen, plus lots of lovely food by Des's partner Hilda, including chilli (meat and veggie), cornbread and CAKE! - Victoria sponge and chocolate cake. Plus we all got an individual cake to take home (well, I did!). Hilda is currently riding high at the top of the AOH cake chart and will probably remain there for at least the next week. I got there a little early so as to record a podcast, which will appear on Bill Black's Open House Online in the near future (ta for the lift Bill!). More photos on Flickr. Open all Festival weekends in May, 11am to 6pm.

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