Engineerium, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

Left the Clarion ride early at Shoreham tollbridge to get back to Hove and the last public day of the Engineerium. I'd read in our new Insight mag that a Hove Rotary Club motorbike rally had been organised for Sunday, but I wasn't sure it'd be in steam. It was a relief to see smoke coming from the chimney as I cycled up Neville Road in the drizzle. It was 4 quid to get in and the place was buzzing with bikers. I didn't take many photos cos I had my camcorder with me and was concentrating on sound and motion!

What bliss to see No 2 beam engine (an 1875 250 hp jet condensing Woolf compound engine by Eastons and Anderson) in beautiful (but quiet) motion. The main exhibition hall with the Corliss steam engine was closed, but the boiler room (with four 1934 Lancashire boilers by Yates and Thom of Blackburn) was a hive of activity. Bumped into Bhav down there – she'd just been to the dog track down the road. Heard Mr Minns say the 'rescue plan' in the Argus was a 'load of crap'! Took about an hour of film, now to edit it down in iMovie! Dunno when as I've just started a MySpace project for even more work avoidance! Sound is not very good tho! On the way back I spotted the model railway in Hove Park - must pop back when it's open. The last time the Engineerium will be in steam is 9 May, at the viewing for the auction.

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