Reclaim bank charges

Reclaim bank charges
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Watchdogs Back Fight Against Bank Charges (from The Argus): they're all at it now! The Argus jumps on the 'reclaim your bank charges bandwagon'!

I first became aware of reclaiming bank charges through Martin Lewis's money saving website but didn't do anything about it until I saw the BBC Money Programme on a village where they'd all done it! So a letter - a combination of the two templates - went to the Co-op bank on 13 December claiming 160 quid's worth of charges from when I went slightly overdrawn - plus interest - and a letter came back on 3 January with a refund (no interest, but I'm cool about that). Now everybody is at it!

Had a hilarious half hour on Satuday watching a recording of Count Arthur Strong's radio show at Komedia. It also starred Sue Perkins and Dave Mounfield. An excellent 2 quid's worth of entertainment!

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