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Being on the wagon is not conducive to going out, hence the lack of blogging recently. I have in fact actually set foot in pubs since 1 January 2007, on a Clarion bike ride and to the Catalyst Club at the Jooglebury last Thursday. On the first I resisted a pint of Harveys for that excellent and cheap substitute - a pint of lime and soda. At the Jooglebury it was easy to forgo their selection of overpriced young-persons' continental lagers in favour of said substitute, but at an extortionate £1.45 a pop it was nearly cheaper to go for beer! However I couldn't resist a night at the Albert and a pint of Pullman. It did go straight to my head and I had to immediately water it down with an 80p (that's more like it) glass of L & S! The occasion was Kerry's birthday gig and the line up was Deacon on piano and guitar, followed by Asbo Derek (with Kerry on bass and Don Bradman as guest harmonizer), Pog (also with Kerry on bass, Deacon on keyboards and Wob on drums) and Wob with band headlining. Wob was augmented by a bass and drums (John and Jon) and played selections from his excellent new mini-album 'A month of Sundays' (which can be ordered from his website), including the rather wonderful charity shop anthem 'All for a good cause'. Not going out much means you forget to stock up with cash so it was only by sticking to the one pint (and an L&S) that I could scrape together the necessary fiver to purchase a signed copy of said mini-album. Wob has a fine voice - give him a listen.

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Nick said...

I caught Wob’s solo show at the Windmill in Brixton on Sunday. He does indeed have a very fine voice.

I saw another of your recommendations - the King Blues - at the Purple Turtle in Camden last night. Attila the Stockbroker was also there. A pity I didn’t arrive in time to catch all of the songs from the excellent David Rovics though.

There don’t seem to be any David Rovics Brighton shows planned during this tour, but he does appear to be in Shoreham tonight (Jan 23).