Rockabilly Jamboree

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Following on from the last blog entry, The Hare and Hounds (aka The Hairy Hounds) is just round the corner from me and I must have been in it twice in the past 20 years, but never before upstairs. (Last time was to see local soul band The Champions.) Downstairs on Saturday night was an enthusiastic young punk band The Eleven 37s, but upstairs it was the Rockabilly Jamboree! Gorgeous Rusty was on the door and I'd just missed the support band, so I got a pint of Bombardier and settled down for Jailbait, with Andy Roberts. But it wasn't just Jailbait, there was also burlesque! Including a distressed damsel tied to a cactus, the attack of the 50-foot woman, and of course, Stella Starr in full cowgirl gear. Earlier I'd popped down to the opening of Red Mutha on Trafalgar Street where my old clubbing chum Marky Charles of London was playing with his band Gobsausage. They were very exciting, with lots of noise, naughty gimpishy nudity and microphone throwing! True essence of punk. The kids were gobsmacked!


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