Peter Saville

Popped along to The Space at the Jooglebury last night to see Peter Saville interviewed. First we were treated to the very jolly Spaniard Vicente Todoli, Director of Tate Modern, who didn't believe in visions (he was brought up a Franco Catholic) nor favourites and only got the job because art was his third love (after books and film). Live music was from a rather dull The Scarlet Street Resistance. Saville, no relation to Jimmy, was inevitably asked about Ian Curtis and Tony Wilson and some factions of the audience were rather sniffy about his work for Wham! He said when he went to the studios to get the credit info for 'Wake me up before you Go-Go' (cheers from audience) from George Michael, he thought it'd take ages. 'The overweight 20-year-old' said: it's simple, just put: Written, arranged and produced by George Michael. And he meant it! Saville said he was glad of the work cos he was banned by most record companies - he was always late, he was expensive and the stuff was difficult to produce. Melita asked about the golden age of vinyl covers and Saville pointed out that album covers completely comprised youth culture in those days - there were no magazines, websites, whatever there are nowadays. But album covers don't pay the rent and he moved into more corporate work. He said he was notorious for spending his fees three times, something that resonated with the freelancers in the audience: when he first got a job, he'd spend the money; when he invoiced the job, he'd spend it again; and when he finally got the cheque, he'd spend it all again! I took along my copy of Unknown Pleasures for him to sign (I won nothing in the raffle!)- he said it was too valuable to sign!! I said no, no, no! and he very carefully signed it under the credits on the inner sleeve. My hero! Dan Thompson has been chasing me about not updating my blog enough. He's opened a record shop in Worthing called Revolutionary Records (was Random Rules). I popped over there on Saturday to be delighted by free badges and live acoustic sets by Ben Salter and some of the Bamboo Band, including James Fryer on a Venezuelan cuatro. Treated myself to some veggie pies from Worthing's fabulous Waitrose on the way home. Off Up North on a coach trip this weekend, now that Time Team has finished for another season! RIMG0002.JPG Dan and Ben Salter And I forgot to mention that I went on a coach trip to Aldermaston (atom bomb factory) on Easter Monday, to 'Ban the Bomb'. Much amusement was caused by the sign that prohibited photography - and sketching! The police were serious too, even tho all that could be seen through the fence were nondescript buildings! Lots of stirring speeches and a grand day out. RIMG0002.JPG

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