My life in a map

You may have noticed I haven't been moaning much recently. Well I certainly have reason to - about my bloomin' Epson R2400 printer which has finally gone to the menders, and the fact that the Brighton recycling lorry came a day early, despite the council sending out a calendar of dates, followed by a revised calendar cos the first one had a wrong date on it - but I haven't been blogging them! Instead I've been messing around with Google Maps and managed to put every place I've ever lived onto a map. I've lived in 23 different houses, bedsits, rooms and flats, some for as little as three weeks. This morning I added all the places I've ever worked. So my whole life to date is on one map. Some places have been demolished; others are approximately located as it's sometimes difficult to read house numbers on Street View, and my memory isn't that good. My Maps is great - I could imagine using it as some kind of immersive narrative device, for eStories. Maybe I'll think about that. If that 'View ... in a larger map' link below doesn't work, try this link.

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Jackie Wills said...

Fred, that's a fantastic idea. I do a poetry workshop exercise asking people to list everywhere they've ever lived, even if they don't remember the exact address. I then build on it by asking them to list people and landmarks etc. It does generate an enormous amount of stuff and you're right about the eStories. Love it. Jackie

fredblog said...

Thanks Jackie, you could go on for ever, adding layer after layer: where you went to school, where you've been on holiday, where you've played gigs, where you've never been! The possibilities are endless - when you're as old as I am it's great to try and remember what places looked like and see what they look like now!