My Brighton Festival so far

2 May: Cheeky Walks book launch at the Blind Tiger Club, with added quiz
6 May: Invigilating at Curt's Open House, 17 Clyde Road
Lucky Jim at the Battle of Trafalgar
7 May: Kissing the gunner's daughter outside the Fishing Museum, rainy day, not the best for peering through small holes in bathing machines
8 May: Hangover Square installation at the art school, inc 20 minute reading, go alone!
9 May: 17 Clyde Road PV with Mark Little and Monty Oxy-Moron, the best PV of the festival, always!
10 May In/visible city: multicultural ride on a Big Lemon bus to Falmer and back. http://in-visible-city.com/o_eng.html
12 May: invigilating at 99 Clyde Road Open House
Open day at Brighton National Spiritualist Church, with a talk and 'dem' - always wanted to see what it was like on the inside.
13 May: Invigilating at Curt's Open House, 17 Clyde Road
The Return of Adam Acidophilus the Fable Man at the Rock
14 May: Jeremy Deller, Playing Silly Buggers - The Life and Times of Bruce Lacey at the Dome, film followed by a useless Q&A enlivened by Bruce Lacey himself having a go at Deller for cutting things out
15 May: Spymonkey, Oedipussy at the Theatre Royal, post-modern pantomime by a quartet of extremely fit actors, best in show so far
17 May: And No Birds Sing at the Booth Museum, eerie promenade night at the stuffed birds museum with poems and zombie women, based on the life of Lizzie Siddal
18 May: Bootworks (Andy Roberts, no not the Andy Roberts (see below)) Predator at the Basement, the Arnie scifi film re-enacted using toys and members of the audience with great gusto, 2nd best in show so far
19 May: Phoenix Gallery Open Studios
20 May: Invigilating at Curt's Open House, 17 Clyde Road
Trumpton comes Alive at the Latest, delightful concert of Trumpton music played by Glen Richardson (vocals), Adrian Oxaal and Stephen Wrigley (guitars) and Tom Arnold (percussion). Some videos wot I made:

Plus a few other Open Houses, documented here:

Still to come:

23 May: Wellsbourne Society at Bom-Banes
24 May: The sound of the wind in the trees at the Nightingale, with live music, starring me (on film)!
27 May: Invigilating at Curt's Open House, 17 Clyde Road
Three Bonzos and a Piano at the Komedia, with the one and only Andy Roberts

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