Pensioners love compos

I recently entered a competition on Twitter to name an exhibition I might have, based on Jeremy Deller's Joy in People. The prize was a load of Deller / David Shrigley goodies from the Hayward Gallery shop.

My spur-of-the-moment entry was:

 No interventions or paradigm shifts here, mate, just my paintings 

To my surprise I won, and in due course a Jeremy Deller 'Bless this Acid House' poster arrived in a tube, followed by the box of goodies shown above: a catalogue of each exhibition, a set of 25 Shrigley postcards, a Deller mug 'My Booze Hell', and a couple of badges, worth around £70 the lot! Wow! Well worth entering. Now I've heard I've won another Twitter compo, from Silicon Beach Training, for writing this sycophantic blog entry on my Tumblr site.

Pensioners love compos. Not only do they pass the time, but you may win stuff. I'm not as fanatical as some internet compers, but I used to enter quite a few back in the 70s, mainly from the Sun newspaper (don't ask!). My best prize was a gold-plated Levis belt which I still have (any offers?). I also won a signed Roger Daltrey LP, the one with the centaur on the front (long gone!) and many other albums, including John Lennon's Sometime in New York City. If I see one that's easy to enter and I can be bothered, I'll have a go. You never know!

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