John Shuttleworth

With the Duke of Yorks, a perfectly good cinema serving interesting beers just round the corner, what am I doing sitting on a hard seat in the Komedia's versatile theatre space (which only last week served as a dance floor for David Devant) supping a three quid pint of piss in a plastic glass and watching a DVD playing on a tiny screen? Why, it's John Shuttleworth with his film 'It's nice up North'! We didn't actually see John in person (tho he made the announcements from back stage), but Graham Fellows did a Q&A at the end and introduced some DVD extras, including the excellent animation 'Unaccompanied Lady', and signed autographs in the bar - curiously he signed my DVD 'John Shuttleworth'! Hmmm... The film has been tightened up and has a different ending from the version I saw in Edinburgh last year, and if anything was even funnier second time around. Despite this being southerly Brighton, he did get a very warm reception, despite the unseasonable weather. It was my idea of a gig at the Cowley Club last Saturday, with Pog headlining a great line up, including Philip Jeays (the Jacques Brel of Brighton, Asbo Derek (who had a fine selection of badges for sale - Plums!) and Kevin 2 Sheds, all of whose backing bands seemed to contain Paul Stapleton, his sister, or a combination of the two. Free entrance and real beer (Festival and Straw Dogs) at 2 quid a pint. Top night out. The Don Bradmans next week!

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