Mark Pawson

Mark Pawson, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

My neighbour John Dilnot very kindly invited me to the PV of Mark Pawson's 'Hand Printed in my Living Room' exhibition at the diminutive Permanent Gallery on the Hove border. If you like postcards, badges, rubber stamps, stickers, ephemera and all that mail-art paraphernalia – and FREE stuff, you'll love this exhibition. Mark has temporarily relocated his work desk to Brighton and will be demonstrating his intrigueing printing technique using the enigmatic Japanese Gocco machine. He'll also be assembling postcards into Bucky Fuller-inspired pentagonal dodecahedrons (it's all down to that initial Y-shape). And selling Aggressive School of Cultural Workers T-shirts. Plenty else to buy too, including books, badges and his 'Print more post cards' set, featuring Gocco prints by John Dilnot and others. Get down there sharpish – it's only on until Sunday 28 May. More photos on Flickr.

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