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Well, it's the first day of the Brighton Festival and last night saw the beginning of the PV season proper. Started at the Brighton treasure that is the Sussex County Arts Club off Bond Street (established in the 1920s), part of Central Brighton Artists trail. President Simeon Stout was on show, along with Bill Donohoe, Lucy Parker, Richard Newman and Darvish, who was exhibiting some of the rudest oil paintings I've ever seen!

Then cycled up the hill to 6 Clifton Street, one of the top Open Houses with a glittering list of some of my favourite artists: Gary Goodman, Jonny Hannah, Victor Stuart Graham (pictured above) and Judy Stevens herself. I got so intoxicated by the wine and company (met some old friends there I hadn't seen for years) that I bought one of her gorgeous linocuts of Shoreham Harbour. If you do go there, have a play with Johnny Weaver's drawers! Hours of fun. Now I'm dashing off to Angie Meaden-Bonnel's morning PV at The Dragonfly House up the road, where my modest efforts are occupying a small dark corner!

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