How punctuation became sexy Lynne, who has lived in Brighton, for ten years, began her war against bad grammar as a sub-editor for The Times, meticulously checking other people's writing for punctuation gaffes. Her lowest moment, which prompted her to action, was seeing a banner at the Tesco Metro at a petrol station in Dyke Road near her home. It read: "Come inside for CD's, video's, DVD'S and book's."
NG London/ Exhibitions: Thomas Jones in Italy
The Royal Academy of Arts : : Pre-Raphaelite and Other Masters I took the day off yesterday to visit the Metropolis and see the Andrew Lloyd Webber exhibition at the Royal Academy -- I'm a big Pre-Raph fan and I was in two minds about this one, but i was very pleasantly surprised by a) how big the exhibition was and b) of the quality of the paintings and drawings! I'd expected 3rd rate rejects with curiosity value only, but this was a fabulous collection -- he must be seriously rich!!! There were whole galleries of Waterhouse, Burne-Jones and Rossetti (I was surprised at the amount of R, cos I'm going up to Liverpool next week to see the 'definitive' Rossetti exhib at the Walker) as well as lesser seen artists such as Atkinson Grimshaw (plus there's one strange room of odds and sods, including a Lowry and a Picasso!!!). Lots of pots, furniture, tapestries and books too. Highly recommended, but only on until 12 Dec!! No queues... keep going to Cats, folks, so he can buy more... also took in the Thomas Jones (not the singer!) exhib at the National -- small but wonderful.. the London xmas lights were cr*p!!