Collecting Ladybird books: a guide from Sunday's Indy.
Fair trade protesters greet delegates -- I was there! Did a few Labour Party conference fringe meetings last night too -- saw Tony Benn and mingled with Gordon Brown at a Spanish do. Too many hotel sandwiches and much too much red wine!


eBay item 2491045552 (Ends 03-Oct-04 16:45:00 BST) - 1961 Ford Consul Classic 315 de luxe 4 door saloon: finally put my classic car up for sale! ;(
Queen of Burlesque Stella Starr shakes a tassel at Toulouse-Lautrec's cabaret drawings and tells us what it really feels like to be on stage. Her essay 'wot she wrote' on the Courthauld Institute website.


My photos of the demolished buildings on New England Street, part of the Station Site, and the demolition of Preston Place have been uploaded to My Brighton and Hove.


How watercolor brushes are made -- fascinating facts about where our brushes come from... errr fluffy little animals!
Letter: Nan Tuck's tavern: there should be a law against changing pub names! And removing beer pumps! And charging over three quid a pint for p*ssy continental young-person's lager! And removing all flock wallpaper, plush, carpets and comfy chairs that used to absorb the sound of chattering! And having resident DJs to add more noise! Don't get me started...


Went to the Barbican Art Gallery yesterday to see Rick Poynor's 'Communicate: British Independent Graphic Design since the Sixties' exhibition. Great selection, must've been hard deciding what to leave out! Saw a strange 1960 film by Bruce Lacey -- very Spike Milligan! Also had the good fortune to hear Daniel Libeskind talk -- his exhibition is downstairs.


Had a nice cup of tea and a sit down (a small cappuccino actually) with Nicey from the Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down website -- Mmmm Nice -- yesterday at the Off Beat in Sidney Street. He was down in Brighton, not for the TUC conference, but a publishers and bookshop jolly to celebrate his forthcoming book. Did a brief tour of the teashops, but as it was past 5pm, most were closed.


An Evolutionary Architecture by John Frazer: An Evolutionary Architecture was published in January 1995 to coincide with an exhibition of the same name at the Architectural Association and is now available online.
Stumbled in to the fascinating Blip art-science forum at the art school on Saturday, discovered through a listing in the Insight. Pleased to see a mesmerising Paul Brown piece and a talk by John Frazer on evolutionary architecture, back from Hong Kong and working with Frank Gehry. Julia Frazer was there too.


Ocean's deep in history -- the Ocean Hotel in Saltdean is about to close? Another Deco disaster?


Blip art-science forum -- intersting looking exhibition etc coming up. Features Paul Brown -- one of my favourite computer artists.
Letter: The best idea yet for the West Pier -- more support for Nick Cave's idea.