Letter: What's the point of demolishing the skeleton structure at the end of the pier? Good point!


The Times didn't like it!
Went to see Michael Nyman's opera Man and Boy: Dada at the Almeida, London. Not the best Nyman, no good tunes and I can't get to grips with the opera convention of singing conversations in vibrato. Not impressed by the grid of cubes on stage, tho the video backdrop was quite interesting. Nearly 30 quid a ticket up in the circle; beer 3 quid a bottle! But how nice the old bus tickets were...



Staying out for the summer is a sarcastic piece by Caroline Sullivan in the Grauniad in which she describes an 'anorak' who plans his entire life around summer music festivals, working at short-term IT jobs in the winter to fund his habit. The person in question is based on a friend of mine (she is his landlady!), although he says he would never be seen at the bland, corporate rock nonsense of V, T in the Park, or Reading. She presumably would be horrified at the thought of getting her feet muddy to actually attend the gigs she reviews?