The Field installation by Richard Box of several thousand fluorescent tubes 'planted' at the foot of a Bristol electricity pylon looks amazing -- shame I'll miss it.
An exhibition of Ladybird book illustrations called Happy days opens in London soon.


Never heard of the Tijuana Bibles before! Spotted a reference in today's Indy. Very rude!



Popped in to see Gavin Turk's maze at the White Cube -- not for the claustrophobic! Also some bronze painted binbags and a sleeping bag -- according to the handout, there was something called But, but I must have missed it. Was up in Town for an AOI Rights Grab seminar at the AOP. A street nearby had been dressed as Old Compton Street in the 50s/60s complete with old police cars and mocked up massage parlour. London, eh. Bomb scare at Farringdon tube on way home...


Historic railway in line for revival -- Volk's railway could solve some of Brighton's transport problems -- and it's been staring the planners right in the face all along!


And now Johnny has had enough and has left the jungle!
MediaGuardian.co.uk | Broadcast | Swearing -- useful chart on what words to avoid when on TV! Johnny Rotten said 'fucking cunts' the other night during the live bit of 'I'm a celeb, get me out of here' when they tell who's gotta leave...


My review of Daniel Kitson last Friday. The laconic guy on the front row was my chum Toyboy Toni! Action-packed weekend: first the PV of Jon Mills metalwork and Andrew Mockett woodcuts at the Museum -- about time they had some art in there, and local art to boot! Then Kitson round the corner at the Pav Theatre. Saturday did a fab bookbinding workshop with Open House regular Nicola Jackson and then down the Freebutt to see Avy's band The Fuck You Planet Earth with Shark... Car gone for its MOT today -- not looking good!