BBC - Burns Night - Homepage -- och aye! it's Burns night -- sadly I couldn't find a veggie haggis at Sainsburys so had to pay the extra at Sunny Foods. My neeps (swede) and tatties are at the ready, as is my wee dram of malt.. Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie!


Just been to see Lost in Translation at the Duke of York's -- wonderful film -- can't praise it enough -- the perfect love affair: grumpy old man (like me) and gorgeous young girl, ends after the first kiss... bliss!
Cartoon Laws of Physics -- defying gravity and Newton's Laws of Motion plus other assorted weirdness in the cartoon universe.


Gill Pyrah interview with Vivian Stanshall -- Christmas 1988 on a London radio station, probably LBC, reprinted in Mojo magazine as Viv promoted the Stinkfoot musical.



Last night I was invited to the the Dragonfly House of Marc and Angie to partake of a Galette du Roi from Brighton's Real Patisserie. Yum! Louis found the kangaroo and thus wore the crown. It's a French custom for Epiphany -- Twelveth Night. Who were the Three Kings? Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. And what on earth is myrrh?


American Splendor | Fine Line Features -- went to see American Splendor at the Duke of York's last night with Rick and Toni -- not as good as I was expecting (what DO you expect to see in a film about an irascible old man and his nutty wife?), tho good to see R Crumb's graphics -- and got a free cool 'Genuine nerd' badge or two in the bar. Not exactly the same as the one in the film, but never mind! Even worse!!! -- when I staggered home I caught the contestants in Shattered -- C4's see-who-can-stay-awake-longest version of Big Brother -- life drawing a (not young) nude model! The art teacher was a real cliche -- with a Viv Stanshall ginger beard and faded patchwork shirt!! (Where do art teachers get their shirts??)
BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Canary Island whistles again -- the ancient whistling language of the Canary Islands is to be made compulsory at school.