Went to see the seven-piece Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain last night at the Lewes Live Lit festival. Very amusing in a muso knowing sort of way, and a hugely diverse repertoire: from Kate Bush to 'Satellite of Love', to 'Running Wild' to 'Je t'aime' to a cossak version of 'Leaning on a lamp post'! Every tune a delight -- they can sing too! Earlier went to see Glen Baxter (also v. amusing) and get my books signed.


The world of bicycles: great photos from around the world. Never realised Brooklyn Bridge had a cycle path!


West Pier is big draw for artists: great day for Brighton Illustrators Group and Cartoon County -- we were on the BBC local news too.


101 years in 101 words: chav is the word for 2004!
Great David Devant & His Spirit Wife gig at Komedia upstairs last night, better than the mosh pit downstairs last time. Quite civilised. But no spectral roadies and grated carrot! Great songs tho and I can't wait for 'About it' to go to No 1! And £3.20 for a pint of warm lager? Komedia -- NO!


Went to Felix Dennis's 'Did I mention the free wine tour' at Komedia last night. Very odd event -- a bit more like a wedding reception than a poetry reading! Lots and lots of (very nice) wine and waiters coming round with canapes -- I got quite drunk. Dennis read his rhyming poetry like a gruff bingo caller from a lectern, with the words appearing on a screen behind him. He got shirty with a heckler (who wanted to light up a gasper, like wot he was doing). Recommended. All poetry readings should be like this!
Starbucks cup fault - product recall -- how to make a Starbucks coffee cup say 'Fuck off'!


End of an era looms for historic hotel: The Ocean Hotel in Saltdean is to be demolished! I seem to remember it having splendid Art Deco murals in the dining room.


Travel writer Pete McCarthy dies: another obit.
Pete McCarthy RIP terrible news -- I went to all his recent readings at the Greys -- and went on his 'Black magic and boredom in Hove' coach tour (pub crawl) soon after I moved down to Brighton -- also remember the Hangover Show with free Bloody Mary -- his two books were great and I believe there was another in the pipeline...