Edinburgh 2023


Tuesday 15 August
By Lumo to Edinburgh
On a seat with no view!
Spotted Flying Scotsman outside the NRM York
Pint at Cloisters

Wednesday 16 August
Andre and Dorine
Assembly Rooms, George Street
A mime/ puppet show about dementia
Amazingly there were only three actors (lots of papier-mache heads!)

Sam Campbell, Bulletproof Ten
Pleasance Grand
A one-night only 10-minute show (13 minutes actually) for £2

Junk for small plates street food dinner

Wemyss Bay to Rothesay ferry

Thursday 17 August
Day trip to Rothesay, Isle of Bute via Wemyss Bay and Glasgow Central,
train and ferry where they were filming a BBC show Dinosaurs

Wemyss Bay station

Friday 18 August 
When the apple ripens, Peter Howson at 65 City Art Centre. Grim
Simon Munnery, Stay Safe Stand 1

Pakora Bar for dinner

BBC Fresh from the Fringe, Dynamic Earth
Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Tadiwa Mahlunge, Dan Tiernan, Adam Rowe, Lorna Rose Treen and Lindsey Santoro. The guy with the beard was funniest IMO

Saturday 19 August 
Modern art galleries on 13 bus and Charley lunch
Alberta Whittle creating dangerously at Modern 1
Decades: the art of change 1900-1980 at Modern 2

Church Hill Theatre
Physical theatre about climate change with amazing weather effects

Sunday 20 August 
Daniel Kitson, First Thing (Work in progress), Roundabout at Summerhall
Up at the crack of dawn to see Daniel Kitson at Summerhall in First thing ( work in progress) in the round in the Roundabout. Everyone got a script with lines highlighted, mine was script 67 and the line was 'cock rings and candy floss? ' I normally hate audience participation but we didn't have to leave our seats so it was ok. He deconstructed the thing as he went along. It's not a play he said - or stand-up -but the audience (reading from a script he wrote) disagreed!

Home for the England football final

Fishmarket, Newhaven

Tram to Fishmarket restaurant, Newhaven,

Robin Ince, Melons
Stand New Town Theatre, George Street
Punching a melon!

Monday 21 August
Mervyn Stutter's 30th year gala, Pleasance Grand
Ed Byrne, Jo Caulfield, mentalist Colin Cloud, A comedy of operas, Spirit of Ireland, Yes-Ya-Yebo, Show Stopper, Havana Street Party
Meet Jayne and Lauren, Pleasance bar
Chaakoo (Indian) for dinner.

Tuesday 22 August 
Rob Auton The Rob Auton show
Gentle autobiographical stand up/spoken word. He even mentions his cock ring! Now where have I heard that before?
Assembly Roxy

Talbot Rice Gallery I hate pitch-black rooms!

Sora Lella Vegan Italian for dinner.…

Wednesday 23 August
Home on the Lumo and yet another joke seat!

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