Dull Men's Club: full of interesting trivia, like the origin of the word trivia! Talking of which, I was fascinated to find out that 'naff' was polari for Not Available For Fucking, that 'nonce' is an acronym for Not On Normal Courtyard Exercise, and that berk as in 'you stupid berk' is rhyming slang for Berkshire Hunt.
Dick Heckstall-Smith RIP: saw him in the Graham Bond Organisation at Manchester's Oasis club in 1965 -- even got his autograph!
Why get cross about Xmas? -- Merry Xmas everyone!
Letter: Existing rail link already avoids central London -- save the Brighton to Watford line, quickest way to get from here to Manchester!


Burchill flats get go-ahead: 30s houses make way for 'affordable housing', ie blocks of ugly flats! Can't believe I'm on the side of the tories on this one!


Prizewinning artist's debt to professor: Turner prize winner Jeremy Deller studied for an MA in British art history and critical theory at Sussex University in 1992"


Max Fleischer - The thin black line: fascinating insight into the creator of Betty Boop and Popeye the sailor.