P & D

Lots of people have been asking me for details of the colour scheme used in my recent refurbishment. First of all, let me reassure you; the kitchen hasn't been touched, so my Mariscal-inspired mural is still there. I had my living room, dining room, master bedroom and stairs done by my good friend Rob in the following colours:

Front room: Dulux Cornish Dawn (turquoise) with Dulux Jazz Blue woodwork
Hall, stairs and dining room: Dulux Lemon Pie above the dado, Baufix Terracotta (from Lidl) below,  with Jazz Blue woodwork
Front bedroom: Dulux Wellbeing (light green)  with Jazz Blue woodwork

The carpets, by Cormar of Bury (my home town) were expertly laid by Kemp Town Flooring in just one day! Apollo Twine (100% Excellon stain-resistant polypropylene) was used in all the rooms except the bedroom, where the colour was Primo Plus Spearmint.

While this was going on most of my stuff was taken away to storage by Mills Removals and returned three weeks later. Meanwhile, I was camping out in the spare room, surrounded by boxes full of my most precious things.