Dance club which launched Fatboy's career is shutting: Brighton institution The Zap Club is closing! 'Course we remember it pre-House music days when it was just two arches wide and hosted comedy, live music and theatre -- with veggie food from Saxon.


$10,000 reward for original issue of Electronics in which Moore's Law was published. The moral is: never throw anything away!
'Infomania' worse than marijuana: "Those distracted by incoming email and phone calls saw a 10-point fall in their IQ - more than twice that found in studies of the impact of smoking marijuana, said researchers." Blimey, must learn to switch the computer off!


Read my 'controversial' feature on whether the Artists' Open Houses of Brighton and Hove are part of the Brighton Festival or apart from it at Open House Online.


Letter: Don't demolish this Art Deco gem: "I am alarmed at the proposal to demolish the Granada cinema - latterly known as Gala Bingo - in Portland Road, Hove, and build housing on the site," writes Joy Linford. Too many 1930s buildings have been demolished since I moved to Brighton!
Minesweeper is 'part of port heritage': we went to see the Fische last Sunday on the Clarion bike ride. It is rather large! copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005


Ears still ringing from a gobbing bodyhair-tearing gig by punk-a-billies Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers at the fabulous Freebutt last night. Yet another Peter Chrisp tip-off. copyright Alan (Fred) Pipes Must record also how wonderful the loose English asparagus is from Sainsbury's. Went back for more yesterday! Steam quickly and eat with best olive oil and pepper.


Open House Online - your one-stop guide to all things open house!: this year the Open Houses broke away from the so-called Brighton Festival 'fringe' -- Bill Black's website is one of the spin-offs.


Residents are delighted by their first glimpses of renovated city landmark: 'Long-term plans [for Embassy Court] include a basement swimming pool and gymnasium, full refurbishment of the foyer to its original opulence, restoration of a long-lost mural by renowned artist Edward McKnight-Kauffer and the creation of a 'showcase' flat featuring original Thirties fixtures, fittings and works of art.'


Top cartoonist to exhibit in Worthing: my hero Bill Tidy will be showing 150 or so original drawings at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery from Saturday 30 April to Saturday 23 July.


More Northern foods available on the interweb: we used to suck Uncle Joe's Mint Balls on the terraces and in the Lad's Stand at Gigg Lane back in the days before pies (or Fisherman's Friends!). Well, when we were really poor, Grandad sucked one and we all stood round warming our hands on his breath. Never tried Henderson's Relish, being a Lancastrian, but I'm willing to give it a go! My bag of black peas arrived safely from Ken Bentley of Driffield and some are currently soaking. Now to source some veggie faggots and suet puddings! BTW become a fan of Foul Medammas, some interesting beans from the East (3 tins for a pound at the Taj Mahal).