A new blog by fringeguerilla planning a protest over the fragmentation of the Brighton Festival and the amount it costs to get into the brochure!
Jack Vettriano�s just an illustrator � and the problem is? - [Sunday Herald] Muriel Gray on why galleries prefer vacuous conceptualism to breathtaking art!


It was only yesterday when Brian Grimwood dropped his slides off for tonight's BIG meeting that I discovered that one of my favourite illustrator/artists -- Glynn Boyd Harte -- had died! Here are some of his own words, written just before his last exhibition Apples and Artichokes. RIP.


My review of Lambchop at the Dome Monday night. Photos of Alison Lapper in the Founders' Room.


Bought John Lennon's jukebox from Amazon -- great selection, but disappointing that The Big Three's 'Some other guy' is on there rather than the original (which was on the South Bank Show!). What I'd like to see is a compilation of all the originals covered by the beat groups of the mid-60s...


Went to the launch of the Brighton Festival Fringe brochure last night at the Sallis Benny -- top nosh from Moshi Moshi and Redeli, lots of good red wine and congenial company. Shame they chopped the festival in two tho: an elitist set of concerts in the Dome complex for the toffs with parades and fireworks for the plebs in the main festival; and everything else marginalised into a Fringe ('the biggest in England'!).


At long last!! David Devant and his Spirit Wife have a new record out!! on the Outstanding Records label.
Pregnant applause? -- an Argus feature about the Marc Quinn sculpture of Alison Lapper due to fill the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. I remember vividly seeing her degree show at Brighton Polyversity of photographic self-portraits -- initially a bit shocked but now full of admiration for her bravery in sticking up for non-standard people.


Great piece of scheduling last night: on Five at 7.30pm, Demolition Squad blew up three magnificent cranes in Liverpool, while at 8pm, over on Channel 4, Salvage Squad restored... a crane!


plz stfu bitch: scene at the call centre -- cruel but one can't help laughing!
My dear Manchester friend Lois Blackburn has done some cards and e-cards for Darlington -- gorgeous!
Forget Starsky and Hutch, went to see the bizarre 70s film Thundercrack at Brighton's other art cinema, Cinematheque. It wasn't at all the two chairs and a video TV (as in Monkey Dust) I imagined, but a comfy little cinema with proper seats and real film. Stella Starr and entourage were there, her shrieking with laughter thoughout this odd and very rude film. The great Stewart Home, author of Cunt and publisher of Smile, amongst many other works, has a website -- at least I think it's his.


Well! an old photo of me made the front page of a nostagia site called Potato Academy -- my potato year was 1968!


My old Guildford chum Jackie Wills gets a good mention in this Argus piece on poetry: It's poetic justice for women wordsmiths
Great video clips of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band on this Associated Rediffusion and Rediffusion London - Programmes (TV Ark) website -- doing Monster mash and The sound of music with Viv Stanshall never looking camper. We want a DVD and we want it NOW!!!!