Lights, camera, er...: "The reason the project makes so much sense is that, for all their artistic dissimilarities, Parr and Fellows are both brilliant observers of middle England in all its quirky, eccentric glory." A Telegraph feature on the forthcoming Martin Parr / John Shuttleworth film 'It's Nice Up North'.


Letter: Let Gehry take us to the next level: a eloquent reply to the moaning minnies that keep banging on about the fabulous Gehry design being 'not in keeping' with Hove's Regency architecture.


I've just received advance copies from my publisher Laurence King of the Fourth Edition of my book Production for Graphic Designers! The US Prentice-Hall edition has a different cover. But the hardback US Overlook Press version has the same groovy acid yellow Frost Design cover as the UK LK edition. Now back to work on my current project Drawing for Designers!


Neil Innes has got his solo gigs down to a fine art, pleasing loyal fans and first-timers alike. Last night, he starts with a full-length version of his greatest hit Urban Spaceman then launches into Bonzos stories and songs, complete with audience participation (And then he kissed her! Who did? He did! Where?). There was the usual red-nose false-moustache, changing-hats comedy, Crystal Balls (zum, zum, zum, zum), French dernkeys, Beatles/Abbey Road anecdotes, Monty Python, Protest Song ('I've suffered for my art, now it's your turn!'), How sweet (with quacksy), Godfrey Daniel (always gets the biggest laugh) and the inevitable Rutles medley, starring Cheese and Onions (watch out for the musical Rutalot!). He even managed to swear in a few more Ego-Warriors. Then there were the 'new' songs from the new album Works in progress (not available in the shops) - buy it if you can, the Eastern European (?) musicians backing him on these recordings are a revelation. 'One of those people', 'Face Mail', 'Eye Candy' and the poignant 'All Alone'. Encore was Back in '64, alas without the paper-tearing. The Greys once again hosted a living legend on its tiny stage. copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 The images without flash were a bit blurred! Didn't like to distract the great man, so only flashed at the end of songs! - Fred the Responsible Flasher! copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 Yvonne (Mrs Innes) - Roadie for the night


The Robert Crumb exhibition at the Whitechapel closed on the 22nd of May, but the BBC (Brighton Baldies Club) or is that BBCC (Brighton Bald Cartoonists Club) made a last-minute pilgrimage last Thursday to worship the artwork of the world's greatest living cartoonist. We were not disappointed: the whole upstairs of the gallery was lined with original artwork and artefacts (bobbins!): from the exercise book pencil strips of the early 60s up until ones done a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see the near same-size strips from Zap No.0 in the early part of the show and the labour-of-love oversize perfection of the Charley Patton strip (Zap #11 1984), plus loads and loads more. The man is so prolific! We chuckled at the caveman strip (the world's first artist) and marvelled at his placemat 'doodles', tho Simeon (who isn't bald!) was disappointed we could see so little evidence of pencil. Visitors were invited to contribute a drawing, so Paul Cemmick, Geo Parkin, Simeon Stout (who has a fine head of hair) and I did a group caricature (I supplied the lettering). copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 Paul Cemmick draws Geo Parkin; Simeon Stout (not a baldy) looks on copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 The finished drawing We later went for a curry down Brick Lane, at the Monsoon, where a very nice chap outside offered us free beer and a 25% discount. How could we refuse! A perfect day.


Thanks to Les at CSS for putting me on to this marvellous utility -- Tubetrack -- which tells you the latest train arrivals/departures info at your local station! Works on Mac and Windows, and it's free.



Art's little brother: 'Design, rather than art, is foremost now in embodying the visual spirit of the age. Millions get by without going anywhere near an art gallery, but everyone is touched in some way by design.' So says Rick Poynor.
Ken Campbell was on fine form last night on the tiny stage of The Greys (a stage shared with Country Joe, John Cooper Clarke, the late great Pete McCarthy, Andy Roberts, countless C&W stars, and next Monday, Neil Innes), lugging books out of a huge suitcase, linking Anne of Green Gables with Jackie Chan, the Laughing Jesus people, David Deutsch, The Nation of Damanhur, time travel, parallel multiverses, redemptive vignettes, etc etc. A posse of young men down the front were taking copious notes and Peter Chrisp very kindly gave me his latest objets d'art pertaining to rising male Greek waistlines. I was on the telly on Sunday, on the local insert to BBC1's The Politics Show, interviewed about the value society places on the arts (not as much as it should!). It can be seen here, at least for the next week or so. Look for the link 'click here to view the Politics Show South' and fast forward to about 10.54 mins in!


John Shuttleworth and Martin Parr's film 'It's nice Up North' will be premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in August - here is the trailer (website edit) - can't wait!


Great David Devant & His Spirit Wife gig at the famous Spiegeltent last night. Lots of old numbers for the old fans, but no encore! Not their fault. Foz had a fab chav suit, and we just couldn't keep still. Wish I'd videoed it! This morning, I was interviewed by Chris Coneybeer of The Politics Show about how society values the arts, or not. The interview took place at The Dragonfly House where some of my linocuts are on show. Angie, the lady of the house, was also interviewed. Goes out on Sunday, but only in the South East.


Mark Boyle RIP: it was a treat to see him in the Soft Machine lightshow room of Edinburgh's Modern Art museum in 2003.


DI Burnside from The Bill, aka Chris Ellison: is exhibiting at Dekoart gallery in Upper North Street, Brighton. The show, entitled T.K.O, features watercolours based on the world of boxing, including depictions of fellow Brighton and Hove resident and former super middleweight world champion Chris Eubank.
Green men and goddesses. Yesterday was a scorcher at Hastings for the Jack-in-the-Green celebrations. I missed my lift due to the alcoholic excesses of the previous day (Bob's party in deepest Kemp Town and the Rob Newman G8 Dissent gig in the smokey Sussex [f]Arts Club -- great Blair and Johnny Rotten impressions!) so missed the parade, but puffed my way up from the station to the castle past the millions of bikers for the slaying of Jack, lots of morris dancing (and a bloomin' samba band -- shouldn't be allowed!!), people with green faces, and some real ale (Smith's Dark Mild). Managed to grab a few leaves from Jack after he was destroyed... Thanks go to Erica Smith for providing the tasty wraps, and Jackie B for the lift home. copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 Jack on the hill copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 Jack being danced around before he was ripped to shreds...


Max Miller. Popped along to New Road this morning to see the unveiling of a statue of the 'Cheeky Chappy' Max Miller, made by Pete Webster, who lives over the road from me. Couldn't get near enough to snap Roy Hudd, Norman Wisdom, June Whitfield and George Melly, but snapped a couple of looky-likeys in great clobber. And spotted the old bloke off eastenders who had the hots for Dot Cotton! It's also the day of the commercial vehicles run -- my favourite of all the London-to-Brighton car rallies. Copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 The guy on the left is Max Miller's nephew.
Bill Tidy exhibition. There is so much to do and see round here, I've hardly had time to write my blog! Friday night went to Worthing art gallery to the PV of The Tidy Mind, an exhibition of Bill Tidy's cartoons with Jo Moore. He's a big hero of mine and we weren't sure he'd be there, but he was, and as charming as can be. The exhibition continues until 23 July and all the images are for sale. It was sponsored by Budvar (the Budvar marketing men were several sheets to the wind!), so there was plenty of beer too, Dan from RAG had done a sculpture celebrating that famous brew. There was a notice saying Bill was doing live cartooning on Saturday so we went off to Des Buckley's PV in Port Slade, then Sat morning I got up at the crackle of the dawn and went back to Worthing by train. Copyright Alan Fred Pipes 2005 He was great! Very funny and -- guess what-- some cloggies turned up from Sompting Village Morris. It was almost May day after all. Wanted to see the Holman Hunt, but it was 'resting'. Had a coffee in Muldoon's (on recommendation of Dan) and had a quick look round Worthing-in the-mist.