American Splendor | Fine Line Features -- went to see American Splendor at the Duke of York's last night with Rick and Toni -- not as good as I was expecting (what DO you expect to see in a film about an irascible old man and his nutty wife?), tho good to see R Crumb's graphics -- and got a free cool 'Genuine nerd' badge or two in the bar. Not exactly the same as the one in the film, but never mind! Even worse!!! -- when I staggered home I caught the contestants in Shattered -- C4's see-who-can-stay-awake-longest version of Big Brother -- life drawing a (not young) nude model! The art teacher was a real cliche -- with a Viv Stanshall ginger beard and faded patchwork shirt!! (Where do art teachers get their shirts??)

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