Letter: Our Open Houses are not her Open Studios First published on Friday 14 May 2004: Letter: Our Open Houses are not her Open Studios Pardon me, but I think Norma Binnie is in error (Letters, May 12). As both a former member of Brighton Open Studios and a founder member of Fiveways Artists' Open Houses, I feel I must write in support of my friend and fellow artist, Ned Hoskins. Brighton Open Studios (B.O.S.) would have been B.O.S.H. had it had the word 'houses' attached to it, which it didn't. When I joined in about 1979, the organisation was already all but defunct and I have never knowingly even met Ms. Binnie. By then, not one artist opened their studios and what exhibitions were put on were all at 166-168 Kings Road Arches. I know the three other former members of B.O.S. who have since joined Fiveways Artists' Open Houses would agree that the concept of showing your own and others' artwork in your home was Ned's and Ned's alone. The legacy of Brighton Open Studios is in its name above its premises on the seafront which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, whereas the legacy of Ned's first 'Open House' in 1982 is now all over the city of Brighton and Hove and beyond. -Philip Dunn, Ditchling

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