Embassy Court restoration: Bluestorm is inviting the people of Brighton and Hove to join residents at an event called Vive Moderne on Saturday to celebrate the completion of restoration work on Wells Coates' block of flats. Unfortunately I'll be Up North at a wedding! Yesterday, trolled along to Bona Foodie for a veggie pasty, but none were available because of the bank holiday. Made do instead with a vegetable pie from the pie shop on Baker Street (now there's a strange street full of odd shops!) - quite acceptable for 95p, despite the uninspired filling of broccoli and carrots in a tomato sauce. Served with steamed spring greens, reduced to 34p from the Co-op.


Nick said...

These Brighton pie updates are very interesting. Perhaps the pie is about to become more popular than the sandwich?

There appear to be online vegetable pie ordering opportunities on the link below.


Fred said...

Sadly, no veggie suet puddings! ;(

'Oh me, oh my, love that country pie', says Bob Dylan. I notice that Linda McCartney pies are now Deep Country Pies...