Lido Green

Lido Green, originally uploaded by fred pipes.

You can always tell when a photoshoot or film location is in Brighton because of the distinctive diagonally crossed railings along the seafront in that turquoise colour, which according to the painter is called 'Lido Green'. Spotting these new ones being painted made me look closer at the castings. A three-panel section goes: two dolphins, armour head with motto IN DEO FIDEMVS (in God we trust), two dolphins, tho some of the older sections are so encrusted with paint that you can't see what they are! The decorations seem to come from the Brighton coat of arms, but the motto on them is INTER UNDAS ET COLLES FLOREMUS (between downs and sea we flourish). Near the West Pier the railings change to a single long panel with two dolphins in the centre, and across the border in Hove they are another design and colour completely. Coincidentally I spotted a bloke painting some Hove street furniture. Is it Brunswick Green you ask? No, on the tin it's called Hollybush. Lots more fascinating photos on Flickr.

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